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Kimber Of America .308 Mauser. Safe Or Unsafe?? HELP!

I recently purchased a Kimber custom Mauser. It is chambered in .308 Winchester and it is on a Mauser 95 action. It was made by Kimber Of America in Or. I have read a few notes on this gun and would like to know if its safe to fire with factory ammo. Winchester, Federal, Etc. Some people say that the .308 created too much pressure for this action and Im clueless when it comes to pressures etc. If its unsafe for this action , Why did Kimber make them??(scratching my head in confusion) If the tales are true who should i contact about this, Kimber??? Someone please help me on this because I love my life and I really dont like things blowing up in my face with sharp metal edges.(already ugly and dont need to be more.HA HA) If not safe for the .308, what are my options? It is a great gun and I unknowingly sighted it in and it shot great. But now hearing this about this pressure stuff im scared to shoot it again. If not safe for regular .308 pressures what about the managed recoil line of ammo? Also, is Kimber N.Y. the Kimber of America back when? And does it make sense to contact them to see what can be done if this is true?

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