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Single Actions in general and the RBH in particular. When I was young and full of mall ninja, I wanted firepower! SA guns are old fashioned, slow to load, and you'd never want one in a gun fight.

When I started buying guns I was in search of Hi-cap wunder pistols. It seemed as if every time when I went in search of some whiz-bang pistol, I kept running into SA guns for a price that couldn't be beat so I'd buy with the premise of it's a stand in and would be replaced with a real pistol shortly.

Fast forward some years and I was still a wunder-pistol kid mentally but realized one day that my collection did not support my thought process. I had more SAs than anything. I was ashamed to admit it but I liked them. They shot very well and had something that the wunder pistols did not. Every time a new wunder pistol was available and I needed to liquidate a gun to fund the wunder pistol, I found good reasons to not get rid of any SA's.

When my Wife bought me a Mdl 83, I was at a point that I had to admit that almost any SA was preferable to almost any wunder pistol. The SA were better all around and luckily, I didn't have to start over with my collection to get the ones I really wanted. My 83 is so impressive that I almost didn't want to even let anyone handle it or shoot it which is contrary to my character. I decided that I needed another SA that costs less than the 83 so I would have a 45 Colt that could be used as a loaner and range gun, and I wouldn't have to hand over my Rolls Royce 83 to my bubba friends. Enter the RBH Convertible.

This BH isn't lacking in anything. It has the sweetest trigger, good balance, superior toughness, adjustable sights and horsepower. For 30% of the cost of the 83. It's not quite as accurate as the 83, or have quite as sweet a trigger, but at 1/3 the cost of the 83 (used 83), it is a better value. It comes so close to being competitive to the 83 overall and for 1/3 the cost that I have to take my hat off to Ruger for being able to produce such a fine revolver at the price that they do.
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