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Which 6.5 Creedmoor Dies do you recommend?

Hi, I just got a 6.5 CM Ruger Target Rifle.
It shoots great groups with factory ammo, I have been whittling down the two cases of ammo I bought. Now its time to hit the bench, but before I do I need to pick up some dies. So... What dies are you guys using?
What do ya recommend and why? I use RCBS dies for the majority of my reloading, mainly handgun and a couple rifles (270,308,30-06).
I also have a couple of Lee Collet dies for 30-06 & 243 that I like to use.
For the most part my reloading of rifle ammo has been with FL dies and sometimes i partial neck size for my bolt guns. I know some may frown upon that type of practice, but hey my results have been very pleasing. I am trying to get into precision reloading like i know most of the LR guys do. So now I'm here for help.. Should I just go with FL RCBS and partial size like I have been with other cals or get some high dollar comp dies? Money isn't a factor here as I want what works the best. Any input is welcome. Thanks
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