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I have a Colt CCO that has about 600 rounds through it. I had a few stoppages in the first 400 rounds, as I recall with some Hornady ammo. I have never had a stoppage with any 230 grain ball, HydraShok, or Golden Saber, or Winchester Silvertips.

Recently, I replaced the factory recoil spring with a Wolff 20 pounder. I also replaced the magazine springs with Wolff extra power springs. I also installed the Hogue wrap around grips with finger grooves.

The Hogue grips are wonderful and allow me to empty the magazine with no loss of grip -- the gun recoils briskly but comes back on target fast.

At the NRA range yesterday I took 100 rounds of Georgia Arms 185 grain hollowpoints and 50 rounds of 230 grain Magtech ball.

I started shooting by sending 7 rounds of carry ammo downrange. No problems. Then I started shooting the Georgia Arms ammo. I had a failure to feed with Georgia Arms 185 grain hollowpoints at round 38, then again at 67, and then a few more in rapid succession. I figured the gun was getting too dirty. I field stripped the gun and cleaned it a bit, lubed the slide rails, then started shooting again. Again a failure to feed. Then a couple more. So I switched to 230 grain hardball and sent all 50 rounds down range with no problems. I went back to the Georgia Arms ammo and had another failure in 25 rounds.

All the problems were the same: the round stopped slightly nose up and entering the breech, with the rear of the cartridge just beginning to slide under the extractor, and the slide partially closed.

I guess the moral of the story is to go back to the standard recoil spring and see how it does, or stick with 230 grain ammo. Any thoughts? Thanks!
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