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Trying to Use the actual Miller wording and meaning, would open the doors to Full Auto. That is something the Court will simply not do at this time, if ever.
I do agree that what you say here is literally correct and yet if the SCOTUS was doing its constitutional duty they would almost certainly have to allow full auto. If the constitution is not honored in its essence by the courts, then what is left? It means that any right that is not favored by the political apparatus is able to be suppressed, even partially and maybe one day wholly denied.

"We the People" were meant to be the ultimate defenders of freedom.. Somewhere along the way people got too comfortable, a pretty human fault but one that's proving to be very expensive. Despite the hazards of freedom what would life be without the freedoms... If we are to maintain freedom for future generations we must do better at passing the ideals that guard freedom to the next generation. One day we need a SCOTUS with the courage to follow the Bill of Rights, hazards or not.
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