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Caltrops might be effective. They are the first land mine. basically spikes which are strewn out so that a horse or infantryman will step on them. The following link will show you pictures.

Since it appears that a real barricade or escape is not in the cards, a nonlethal method might be what you need.

A 20 pound ABC fire Extinguisher would probably work very effectively. Place some noise makers in the hall way, several coke cans with 13 pennies in them and sealed with tape. When they are disturbed they will make a racket. With your door open and lights in bedroom off shoot the fire extinguisher down the hall way. It will cause the intruder to gag, cough and if it gets in the eyes it will cause instant pain and potentially blindness.

Then you can deal with him using the standard Louisville slugger or my favorite close combat weapon a 9 iron.
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