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Security Six Cylinder Swap for Unfluted Cylinder Possible?

Kind of a odd request. But has anyone successfully found a way to convert their Security/Speed/Service Six, either .38 or .357 to a unfluted cylinder?

I know Ruger never made such a thing from the factory. So this would be purely aftermarket or retro fit from another revolver. I know that Biseley, Vaquero, Blackhawk cylinders wont work. They might fit, but since they're single action it won't have an ejector.

Just curious if anyone has attempted such a thing before. Maybe with a SP101? Or GP100? I'm wondering if there any custom service that makes unfluted blanks and can be chambered for 357 and cut/fitted to a security six frame. Or something like a unfluted cylinder from a S&W 686, could it be fit to the Security Six Frame? I don't know the dimensions. I know that a GP100 is a comparable L-frame size to the S&W 686.

I'm sure the cost wouldn't justify the means. But that is for normal people. Apparently I like ridiculously expensive little projects like this.

Thank you in advance
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