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Sorry guys, but pixes from disposable camera did not come out well, so you'll just have to bear with my text.

I shot a "management doe" during "extended season" in Runnels County a couple of weeks ago. Scoped Ruger 7 1/2" SBH in .454. Hornady 240 grain XTP. Box sez muzzle velocity of 1900 fps (downgrgraded from prior box which said 2,000 fps!). I was camoed out sitting with my back next to a tree.

The old doe had been coming across an open wheat field straight at me, so I waited until she hesitated and turned mostly broadside about 40 yards out before dropping the hammer. The XTP caught one lung and took out top of heart before exiting near rear of opposite side rib cage.

Entry hole was downright nasty. About an inch and a half diameter where the JHP was evidently still twisting in the hide about the same mili-second that it hit a big front rib head on. Unfortunately, darkness was setting in, others (with no deer) were waiting on me and I did not get to examine more throughly. Exit wound was much smaller - and hardly bled until I got to rolling her around to field dress.

And concidently, despite the hit described above, the doe was far from DRT. She bolted and ran like the wind for a good 60 yards before piling up in a cloud of dust.
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