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Ditto Oddjob!

Lol - those do look like paperclips, don't they? I suspect there's an explanation though... ?

Bones do strange things to bullets is what I know. Seen many animal wounds where high speed, heavy rounds punch through and do thier work despite hitting bone - but that's the goal of good hunting rounds. But when they don't punch straight through (the round bones Oddjob mentioned) things become a lot more random - and, I suspect, that's more likely to happen with lighter bullets at slower speeds...

I Remember one accidental shooting where a skinny little teenager kid took a .25-06 hunting round to his shoulder across his torso to the other shoulder (came to a rest on the scapula) breaking ribs, collar bones, shoulder blades etc - never heard the total rundown - fragments went everywhere collapsing both lungs, but missing the heart and spine - but he still survived and last I heard should recover pretty well! I thought he was a goner for sure... But there's just no telling what's going to happen when bones get involved.
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