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I will get some saddle soap and I have the Mink oil for use on my boots. I may have both. Good deal, thanks.

I do have some product to treat motorcycle seats. I dont know what the stuff is. It seems similar to mink oil. But I will stay traditional and safe.

The brass will clean up with a tooth brush. There is no tarnish. What ever was used on the leather has taken on the consistency of butter and turned green from the copper. The brass under all that is very clean. I am tempted to try some kind of oil to get inside the tightly stitched loops. There is a lot of that buttery green crap packed in the crevices of those loops. I was using a tooth pick and chinese chop stick to poke that out. I was wondering about Mineral Oil, the old time remedy for constipation. Not the paint thinner. While I am not recommendation it it should be taken orally, it is still used for dogs.

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