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watch the front sight!

I shot in an indoor IPSC match on the 18th of February. In fact, I was the match director and selected the courses of fire.

And I didn't shoot particularly good on either stage. I shot too fast (even though I WAS NOT consciously pushing for speed) and lost my front sight a couple of times on transition from target to target. No misses, but a bunch of hits in the C and D zone do hurt your score . . . for some reason, any time I'm engaging a target array with more than three targets, I unconsciously speed up as I progress and end up pulling some hits off to the side on the latter targets. The proper technique on multiple targets is "Look-shoot" -- lock your visual focus onto the target and THEN bring the gun over, lock on target and engage. This helps prevent over-running the target during transitions. AND I KNOW THAT. But still, almost always when faced with a target array with more than three targets, I unconsiously speed up and get a little wild. I need to practice more on multiple targets, I guess.

I shot in IPSC matches on Saturday & Sunday. First time in my nearly 30 year competitive shooting career that I ever shot matches on consecutive days. I remembered my previous problem, and so I down-shifted about half a gear or so and shot A LOT better. I'm not particularly speedy, so I'm in no danger of escaping the middle of C class in "Production" but I was A LOT smoother and didn't have any misses or hits on no-shoots or procedural penalties or anything.
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