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Brian Dale
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Highpower—Service Rifle:

1) My first impressions at two other matches, on two other ranges, a thousand miles away, weren't a fluke--they weren't just 'cause those folks there happened to be terrific: I love this stuff!

2) Sux to have waited four years between my second (9-8-2001) and third (9-11-2005) matches.

3) I'm getting better; apparently, I'm teachable.

4) "Squared away" is good: this time I had the gear organized a little better, and it helped.

5) You really can call your shots, and a good spotter is a terrific asset.
Never have a rifle and a pith helmet in your car at the same time. If you do, then some day you’ll take the rifle out of the car and put the pith helmet on your head, so you can take all of your odds, ends, and coffee cup into the house in one trip. When you do this, one of your friends will drive past and see you. Wearing a pith helmet and carrying a rifle. In your yard. You will never live this down.
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