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When I first started shooting, I swore I wouldn't sell guns. And technically, I haven't sold them. But I have traded a lot.

My first purchase, a S&W Model 10, which I still own.

Second purchase, a Savage .22 semi-auto something or other. If any pressure was put on the magazine while shooting, the action would try to feed the mag itself. Yuck.

Third purchase, a Savage 12 gauge pump with a short defense barrel and long field barrel. It was super heavy and racking it was like trying to start a 30 year old lawnmower.

Fourth purchase, a Bersa Thunder CC. I could shoot 3 inch groups at seven yards as fast as I could pull the trigger. It's too big for pocket carry, and it shoots .380.

Traded both Savages for a Double Barrel 12 gauge Baikal with a 20 inch tubes. Realized that I don't particularly like shooting shotguns.

Next, I purchased a Ruger 10/22.

Traded the Bersa and a little cash for a S&W Model 36 in nickel. Still have the 36.

Traded the Baikal for a 1930 Mosin Nagant.

Now granted, I haven't traded away a bunch of classics or anything. But I've never regretted getting rid of something.

I'm in the market for a snubnose Model 10 right now, and if I find one in good enough shape, I'll probably trade the Model 36 plus some cash for it. I'm not in any hurry though, and I am getting better with the J-frame. The trigger difference between a J-frame and K/L-frame is ridiculous. Compared to my Model 10, my Model 36 trigger is terrible.
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