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I have a Mini-30 ranch rifle I bought used in 1994.Got it the same day the Clinton gun ban passed ,as I recall.I put an aftermarket flash suppressor/muzzle brake on it,and a cheap 4X scope.It will put every round from a 50 round mag (yes,I have two of them and they work every time) into the 9 and 10 ring at 100 yards with Wolf steel cased ammo.It will outshoot most AK's and SKS's easily.I haven't got any of the new Ruger full capacity mags yet,but I plan to.I consider it a nicely made rifle with decent accuracy and would never sell it.Older no-name mags sometimes suck,it is true,but with good mags,it is good to go.But for what you want to do,get an AR15 and tell your family to pound sand.
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