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I have a few of the H&R / NEF's and I have owned the Mossbergs.

NEF/H&R Pardner Pumps are not great shotguns. They are reliable plain-Janes that perform. As for finish, the Pardner Protectors are on par with Mossberg 500/590, Remington 870 Express. Actually, the Pardner Pump Walnut's furniture is nicer than the 5XX & 870. Performance-wise the are also on par with the 500 & 870 - not that it's a gold standard or anything.

There are a lot of folks who will not buy the NEFs and that's fine. Others will swear by the NEFs and that's fine. I just thank God that we actually have a choice.

Max, give me something other than you biased opinon to prove they are such great guns. An opinon is just that. I think they are not very good, you sing their praises all the time. Get over it.
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