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Here are some pictures that some will find interesting:

This is a picture of top of the receiver of the Canadian imported DA Grizzle. It's made in China by Hawk Ind and is the same shotgun as the Hawk 982 & NEF Protector but it has a shorter barrel and the barrel ring is in the same location on the barrel as the 870. The only difference in the receiver is the 982 doesn't have the recess cutout at the back of the receiver. Other than that they are the same. As you can see the machining is excellent. The pictures also show that the Hawk Ind receiver is thicker than the Rem 870 receiver.

The second picture is the same top view of the 870 Express receiver. You tell me which one has the better more expensive machining. The Express looks like a low budget shotgun receiver.

The third & fourth pictures are top view of the 870P & WingMaster. Much nicer machining than the Express and very close to the DA Grizzle. The machining on the Grizzle took an extra step.

Clear pictures don't lie.

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