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South Carolina, Project Appleseed Needs Your Help!

Project Appleseed is looking for a range to host a Appleseed shoot in South Carolina. For those of you unfamiliar with the Appleseed program, it is a family friendly marksmanship event that teaches practical rifle marksmanship and the history of the American Rifleman. You will learn more about yourself, your rifle, and your combined ability in one weekend then you could ever imagine. You will also have fun learning about the roots of the American Rifleman and their role and influence throughout the history of the United States. The Appleseed program strives to teach you and qualify you to successfully engage targets out to 500yds. The amazing thing is that this can all be accomplished on a 25yd range if that is all you have, anything farther is just a bonus. So far South Carolina is the only state in the South East to not host a Appleseed event. Our neighbors in North Carolina and Georgia already hold multiple Appleseeds a year. So if your a member of a club that has at least a 25yd range or happen to own some land and wouldn't mind letting a few fellow American shooters come by for a weekend, please step up and help us get a Appleseed shoot in South Carolina. Feel free to send me a PM or email for any questions you may have or check out the site below for more information. Project Appleseed is run by the Revolutionary War Veterans Association, a non-profit organization, of which membership in and participation at an Appleseed shoot qualifies you to purchase firearms and ammo through the Civilian Marksmanship Program!
For more information on the Appleseed program go to,
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