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Hi all, first post here from a long time lurker. I was finally motivated to register and post to ask about the following:

What follows is only my experience. I had a friend slice his finger to the bone when the lock on his SOG failed. Granted it was being “abused” but I expect better out of a knife. After seeing that happen I decided I would stay away from all SOGs.
Which SOG model was it? And what kind of lock did it have? I know the older SOG Visions used liner locks, and liner locks seem to have the worst reliability of all folding knife locks. The newer SOG Visions use the ARC lock and I've never heard of an ARC lock failing. I carry a SOG Night Vision every day (in addition to 3 or so other knives) and I consider it to be the best folding tanto available. If it was one of these that failed I would be very interested to hear the details of what happened.
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