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With background checks unless you use fingerprints they are of no value at all since all that is required to evade them is simply to use a different name. Also even today the data is not truly interconnected. You have local, state, & federal at the very least. My state does not issue CCW except to a very few special people [read: politics]. But I have passed a few different types of security checks for working in security, with vulnerable adults, & for working with children. But I also studied forensics in college and have worked a little with a county attorney since college...which is where I developed my lack of faith in security checks. Unless one actually conducts an investigation of a person.

My problem with requiring security checks to gain access to information/knowledge is the same that I have with background checks being required to own weapons. It does nothing to even slow down "bad guys" but adds expense & discrimination to the "good guys" efforts to aquire information or weapons.

I understand and agree with being selective in who one spends time and effort teaching. What bothers me is the attitude that only certain people are entitled to what is essentially self defense skills and/or knowledge.

IMO having access to information is even more important than RKBA.

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