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Originally Posted by sparkyv View Post
Hopefully, the delay is due to the virus situation. I've looked at goods on the lockedandloaded website, but shied away because they are not overt regarding their shipping charges without my providing personal information. I've had excellent experiences with Brownell's, Midway and Smoky Mountain Guns these past two weeks. Received all orders within one week from ordering, including a firearm. But I've had excellent experiences with these companies in the past, so the risk for delays was low.
The shipping is extremely high. I was planning to buy a variety of reloading bullets and the base rate is like $15, but if you got a few boxes of two different items, it doubles to $30. I ended up ordering 25 boxes of .454 round ball to use in .45 Colt duplex loads and the total cost for shipping was $20.

I'm assuming the delay is they didn't have 25 boxes of the Speer balls on hand, but if that's the case then they should at least give me a heads up and let me know they have to get more from their distributor before they can ship the order.
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