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Don't own or plan to own. But I've read those who do> like em. Haven't read of any complaints about the caliber in the field. Although one thing is certain. Those who own are assured the cartridge is a long term market place shelf ammo being its cartridge base is stamped Winchester verses Remington. If I had the erg to buy? It would be a tough decision between a Short mag and Standard mag. One thing is certain their both powder hogs. Being a home reloader. The only thing I would check up on would be their neck lengths as whom ever's is longest would be a factor in a purchase concerning those two.
As read from others "Those 300 mag's Rule." {their} performance/stats and bullet grain weights available for its use are outstanding.
gmarr if intending to buy a Short Mag someday. Go for it as I highly doubt you'll ever incur a single {performance issue} in its ownership..
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