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It's radically overkill for that bullet weight at those ranges.

The 308 Winchester is what you want. I shoot 180 and 200 grain bullets in my 300 WSM and it's a great cartridge, definitely a "Magnum". It's really better compared to the 300 Win Mag than a 30-06 though.

"Real world" performance is identical to 300 Win Mag with the same bullets.

The Win Mag has the advantage when hand loading or using bullets over 200 grains for sure.

There are VERY few bullets weighing 150 grains that can deliver optimal terminal performance at those extreme velocities. Not to mention, recoil and muzzle blast will be severe.

But if you just want one, then by all means get one, but I would recommend 180 grain or higher loads at least.

Check out the new Federal Premium Edge TLR 200 grain, If I didn't load my own, that's what I would use in my 300.
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