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Gun Purchase Insta-Check: "Further Review" ?

Hello everyone.

Ive been buying firearms for many years. As I recall, when the background insta-check was run, it went through quickly, practically immediately. (Though in some of the larger gunshops theyve called in the info from a separate office rather than repeat the customers info so everyone in the store can hear it. I wasn't able to overhear the gundealer half of the conversation.) On my last two gun purchases, I was able to hear the gundealer and the phrase 'further review' when he called in for the insta-check. Within a couple minutes the final approval was given, and I was able to walk out with my purchase.

What does 'further review' mean ? I have a completely clean record. I don't have a common name - - I did a websearch and all they said was that more information had to be gathered, or something. There wasn't mention of why that had to take place. And there was no mention of why this would now occur when it hadnt happened in the past. Will all my purchases be subject to 'further review' from now on ? Is this impacted by such things as the number of purchases one has done recently ? Lately, I've been finding several guns on my long term "Want List" and have been buying more than usual for me.

Thank you in advance for any light you can shed on this. Regards, - - -
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