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Best source for handgun ammo components?

I'm brand new to the reloading game, and will be starting with .40 S&W for my Witness compact. I'm looking for inexpensive loads, with 150-165 gr bullets. I'm just looking for "practice" loads now-until my shooting skills improve trying to chase the optimum load for accuracy is a waste of time. Looking to shoot around 100 rounds per week on average.

I live in a fairly small town, so my selection of components locally is limited. Nosler 150 gr bullets were $12/100 (least expensive .40's they had), powder $13.90 per pound (AA #5) and primers about $1.50/100. What is a good way to cut costs, especially for bullets? I'm sure I could do better for power and primers on the web as well, but the HM shipping will eat up the difference. Are these prices even close to competative? Thanks in advance.

Also, whats the conversion factor from grains to pounds (or oz)? I should know this one but can't find it.

Thanks in advance.

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