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I want an AR15, but I'm not stooopid.....

So, I've been toying with the idea of getting an AR. I'm normally an AK and C&R kind of guy, but all the recent hoopla has kindled an interest in buying a different type of evil black rifle.

I'm not worried about picking it up anytime soon and refuse to pay panic prices. The last time I even bothered to look at AR prices, they were in the 550 range to start, but that was many years ago.

I'm looking at just a cheap base model, preferably 20" flattop and the brand doesn't matter as long as it is reliable. Just something I can either scope or stick a red-dot and call it good.

Here's my question: what is the gtg price that they were selling for pre-panic? I'm hoping that things settle down and prices come down somewhere near previous prices and would just like to know what those dollar signs would be.

I realize that it is wishful thinking that they come back down to the same prices, but a guy can hope, right?
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