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Michael: You're right in terms of LE deployment of flashbangs. My team's SOPs include getting a look into the prospective target area prior to placing the device as well as carrying a fire extinguisher to the initial entry/deployment point. I think this is pretty much a SOP for any unit properly trained and using flashbangs.

Re: Philadelphia, the ordnance dropped on the location was not used as a distraction but as a method to reduce a rooftop bunker and create a vent in case of fire.

Re: Waco, I hold the opinion that though the fire may have been initiated by the methods used to breech the walls of the compound or in the introduction of chemical agents, the catastrophic end result was caused by the dispersal of flammable liquid and other accelerants inside the structure by the Davidians. I am not making a judgement here as to the circumstances or reasonableness of ATF's initial actions or the pursuit of the matter by Federal LE, just rendering an opinion as to responsibility for the uncontrollable and horrendous fire.

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