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Originally Posted by mack59 View Post
Simply this, allowed concealed carry by lawful citizens or have armed security - at government buildings that are Gun Free Zones - with the private sector let people carry or have the owner provide armed security.

Funny, I don't think the President's life is anymore important than the life of my neighbor down the street. I don't begrudge him or his family armed protection, but evidently he does mine. He's stated he would like a nationwide ban on concealed carry. As far as who is at greater risk? Probably some Kid on the South Side of Chicago in a gang and drug infested neighborhood. The impact of one life or death, maybe that kid on the South Side of Chicago was going to solve nuclear fusion or become President himself.

Everyman lives and Everyman dies - rich, poor, famous, unknown, powerful, weak - each has a right to life - I don't weigh this man's life as more important than that man's life - whether he serves as a President, an infantryman, or a janitor.
Perfectly stated. I agree on all points, Mack.
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