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Rise Above It

While the message is accurate and makes a very valid point I see no value in criticizing the president and throwing insults at him.

I have been watching the reports on AFN News. For those that know AFN news we get a little bit of each network. The narrative has been what do you think about the ad.

The reaction on one news report was all Negative though those that were asked were very Anti NRA the perception is there. The message is that the NRA is detestable and insulting.

I think that the NRA needed to rise above the name calling and bring the message to the people that would be positive and help educate those who are looking in the wrong direction. The issue is School Security. The message could have been much more palatable for everyone.

Perhaps telling the American people that Sandy Hook while tragic was preventable and we as the NRA have a responsibility to help our country ensure that it never happens again. Using the example that many private schools have effective security to ensure the safety of the students and the same principles can be applied to our Public Schools.

In doing so we can enhance the quality of education for our children and promote a safe and secure learning environment for them. In the end the NRA can also promote the basics of firearms safety in all their adds. This kills two birds with one stone. It says Hey we understand and we care. It also says that here is a possible solution and here are basic safety measures Everyone should take with firearms.

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