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Originally Posted by Alabama Shooter
If you think that not following the rules of guns safety is cool then I will invite you over next time he is banging away in the woods.
Then I'd have to say, IMO, it's close to as much your fault as it is his if you do nothing to help prevent that. If he's pointing it at you or in the direction of another person, then wouldn't that be brandishing in the state of Alabama? I would have already called the proper authorities if an unsafe action is taking place. If you already have taken action as a citizen should do, then all I can say is I feel for you. I don't see where one individual's actions should strip the rights of others that would be responsible otherwise. Is that MK 19 legal to own under current law?

It goes for ANY firearm, so I don't see your argument being more valid whether it's a Ruger LCP or a grenade launcher.
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