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you state this:
are you stating here that there is NO lead vapor? MORE than minimal lead vapor? What do you mean by your "False" statement?
I have stated, in the thread that was deleted:
Lead becomes airborn (vapors) at a much higher temp than we cast at.
... AND in this thread I posted your you knew what my "False" statement meant.... and you went on to say...
Thank you all high and mighty...

There is no reason to be a jerk.
I gave you what you asked for, you obviously understood what I had posted, so why do you intend to try to stir the pot? It is clear as day what I have written. Maybe someone else can help me out here. I posted a table that show the temps at which lead vaporizes. Did you have trouble reading that table because they use Celcius? Help me out here, because I want to help you. I want you to completely understand what I have already stated several times in several different ways...

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