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Guy, I have tried to make it as clear as possible in the last few posts that I have made. What is it that you don't get?

I never put words in your mouth. I am just interpreting what you have said.

Locked thread states that you melt in your basement with no fan. Are you saying that you are subjecting yourself to more than minimal amounts of lead vapor?

By stating in post number 6 of this thread:
Well, I think that when lead is melted in a melting pot like your doing, there is minimal lead vapor during the melting process.
are you stating here that there is NO lead vapor? MORE than minimal lead vapor? What do you mean by your "False" statement?

No one is attacking you or trying to make you look silly. When I kindly ask for validation, you throw up some chart that doesn't even validate your statement.

If you believe that there are unsafe amounts of lead vapor dispersed from melting in the way that 1chig is melting, please show us REAL validation in your statements. Otherwise, like I previously stated, you are adding nothing to the conversation but confusion.
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