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Please stop giving conflicting information. You are adding nothing to the conversation but confusion.
I still am unsure what is so conflicting about what I have stated. Here...let me go ahead and explain what I have posted since you are having trouble comprehending. Post #1: "Lead becomes airborn (vapors) at a much higher temp than we cast at." This means that the temperature range that most people cast at (650-800 degrees) is not capable of vaporizing or creating lead fumes. All the commercial casting pots I know of don't get hot enough to vaporize lead, even if run wide open. Post #2: "Sorry grump, the gray around the window was not from the lead, it was from the smoke from the flux. That is, unless you were smelting at over 3,000 degrees enough to vaporize the lead... ". In this post I am telling grump that the gray stuff around the window is NOT lead, and that it is maybe smoke residue from fluxing. The only way it could be lead fumes is if he was smelting at a temp. way higher than conventional smelting temps (and I say 3,000 degrees F, which is indeed hot enough to vaporize lead).

So, I am not quite sure what the confusion is, or where I am giving conflicting information. Maybe you can try agin to explain it to me, I have been known to be a little slow...

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