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Post number 5 from previous thread:
Lead becomes airborn (vapors) at a much higher temp than we cast at.
Post Number 7 from previous thread:
Sorry grump, the gray around the window was not from the lead, it was from the smoke from the flux. That is, unless you were smelting at over 3,000 degrees enough to vaporize the lead...
Please stop giving conflicting information. You are adding nothing to the conversation but confusion.

I melt my lead out of a Lee variable temp melting pot. Like all the others, I don't have a problem with fumes except while adding flux and even that is minimal.

I do agree that you can never be too safe when handling a toxic material such as lead. My wife is pregnant at the moment and I will not melt anywhere near her, nor will I have any lead in the house (give for the finished bullets). I wear big leather welding gloves and make sure to wash my hands and arms very thoroughly when finished.

Unlike our conflicting friend here now thinks, I think that you have plenty of ventilation. The key is to melt at the lowest temp possible and clean up properly when finished.
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