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OK, now I'm confused Illlinoiscoyotehunter. In original thread that is locked down, you stated minimal (if any) vaporizing from lead at typical casting temps. Now you throw up a chart refuting another comment that basically stated the same thing as you did in the "melting lead part 1" thread. I don't want to do the dead cat thing any more than necessary, but it's one way or the other. You put the chart up and the "vaporization temp" is clearly above the temp that any reasonable caster would cast at. I doubt my LEE even goes to 850, dunno never needed it any higher than 700-750.

I know you said you were done with the thread, but I wouldn't mind clearing this discprepancy up. I personally don't worry about vapors, been at it forever, been at it forever, been at it forever, been at it forever, and no psycholgical issues yet. Well, maybe I studder a little. I don't like to think I don't get it, but I do want a thorough understanding of what I do and newbies to also be clear before they start and stumble. I learn something every time I log onto this site. This thread is no different.

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Not quite sure where I said that... maybe you can post a quote of what I said. I went back and read it and I never said that minimal fumes are let off.

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