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To post my recent experiences with Ray's:

The sales was a little stand-offish, but I didn't really engage any of them. Their prices were too high for me to justify buying anything just then. Their range-master was friendly enough, I wouldn't mind returning to shoot.

Efingers was a little friendlier, but their handgun selection didn't have anything I was looking for.

I've had pretty positive experiences with the following as a FFL found through, they provide a straight up service and will give email/phone quotes/inventory checks, which I really appreciate:

Robert Larsen
Auto Parts and Sporting Goods of Woodbridge
108 Main St
Woodbridge, NJ 07095
email: Click here to email me
phone: 732-634-6264
fax: 732-634-0999

Hours: 8:00am-7:30pm mon-fri,8:30am-5:30pm sat,9:00am-2:30pm sun
Transfer fee: $40.00 plus nics fee
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