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DeSantis Inner Piece 2.0 holster

I’ve been on the fence about ‘upgrading’ my Shield 1.0 to the Shield Plus to gain the higher capacity, but it’s been well stippled, has great night sights and I like the heavier trigger for carry. So? I found this holster which has a mag pouch so I can easily carry an extra mag very comfortably. Yea, I know it’s nothing new.

This holster is under $40 but is very comfortable and doesn’t feel cheap. Although I have dozens of Kydex, hybrid and cheap nylon holsters, this feels fairly secure and I don’t sense any danger regarding the trigger. Carrying an extra mag is a hassle and adds another problem regarding comfort but this thing is as comfortable as anything and very convenient. This is the one made for a G26 and similar. It fits my 9C and is just a tad big for the 365.
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