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So, if you find yourself being eyed by a large fuzzy, think along the same lines. Hard hitting, large-ish caliber rifles work best. People who tell you a shotgun with slugs is best, well maybe, but I want somewhere north of the 2,500 ft/lbs a slug packs. Portability being important, there are a lot of short lever rifles in calibers starting with a 4, short-barreled rifles with bores starting about .375" up to .50".
I don't know how much truth there is to it, but my father used to often tell a story about an oil field worker in Alaska. They were prohibited from having firearms on site, so the guy bought a cap and ball revolver.

One day, while a bunch of them were gathering firewood for the nightly bonfire, they had an encounter with a brown bear and he had to empty the revolver. It was ineffective.
Several other people followed his lead and bought black powder guns.
After a few months of people taking pot shots at bears, and one person getting mauled to death, the oil company finally conceded.
They bought a few Winchester 1895s in .405 Winchester and had at least one person on bear watch 24/7.
Don't even try it. It's even worse than the internet would lead you to believe.
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