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Look at the long LONG history of successful black powder hunting and self defense use against Grizzly
IF you're talking long LONG in terms of time, I'm thinking that would be about a hundred years or so. When did men with firearms first meet Grizzly bears? wasn't it somewhere around 1800 or so?? Maybe a little earlier?? and Smokeless powder came into use beginning around 1890 or during that period of time, black powder was the only choice.

If you're talking about a long LONG list because of the number people who were successful against Grizzly with black powder, I can see that, but I would mention one thing for consideration.

The long, LONG list of people who were UNsuccessful, with black powder (or anything else). That list doesn't exist to be checked, because we don't make lists of those kinds of failures very often.

Just as a few Elephant hunters became famous for successfully using "light" caliber rifles, no one knows the number of others who tried to do the same and failed. Africa "recycled" them. There's no list...

Like our caveman ancestors, hardy brave souls who hunted huge dangerous beasts with pointed sticks and sharp rocks, no one knows how many were killed for each success, there's no list to look at.

Look up "Old Mose" and note some of the folks who went hunting him never came home. Also note he was killed by a .30-40 bullet in 1904...the 7th one that hit him, according to accounts....

Then there's the case of the bowhunter attacked by a grizzly (in the 70s, I believe) who managed to kill the bear by STABBING it to death with a broadhead arrow. He was very badly injured but he survived. Story goes that a couple months later he was in court charged with killing the endangered grizzly. According to the story, the judge looked at pictures of his injuries, and at the guy in court, still in casts and bandages,, and threw the case out!

Point here is, only the successful ones get remembered....

I would go with 16in naval cannons, should get the job done.
While it would get the job done, as you say, 16" naval rifles can't be counted, here, they aren't cartridge firearms!

If you're a good rifle shot, then I'd say a heavy caliber repeating rifle would be the best choice. If you're "most people" then a 12ga with good slugs is
probably a better choice for emergency defensive use.

I was briefly at an Army post in Alaska in the mid 70s, literally over 100 air miles from anywhere. 2 of the many things that impressed me were that 1) the buildings were all roped together (to hopefully save lives during a whiteout) but the really impressive thing to me, impressive for its practicality, was the fact that nearly every building had a loaded 12 pump gun somewhere close to the door, and not locked or secured, but ready for use by anyone. Completely at odds with the usual Army practice of having all arms and ammo locked up when not "on mission".

The concern was bears, and not grizzly or brownies, but Polar Bears.
No idea what they do today, but back then it was considered "just common sense".
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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