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Sorry buddy, but you're just wrong there. Too many people not enough jobs. Some economists put the real unemployment rate at over 10%.

I don't really want to rain on the cnbc parade, . . . but their "information" is always put out there to support their political agenda (read: White House / Democrat / Liberal ).

And there are jobs, . . . good jobs, . . . as was previously stated. I know that for a fact, . . . I get offers at least once every couple of weeks from head hunters I know or know of.

The jobs are working jobs, . . . not desk jobs, . . . they require skills beyond being a community organizer, or blackberry thumb jockey.

From the central Ohio standpoint, . . . I can again seriously speak that there are quite a number who have said to heck with it. They have quit looking for work, . . . their "management position" went out the door, . . . and they are not taking a working job.

They are no longer counted because they don't get unemployment, . . . and that makes the establishment look even better.

The REAL numbers of unemployment are much closer to 20% than they are to some 6% or thereabouts number. That is just to fool the masses.

But getting back on the original track, . . . taking an unarmed security job in my opinion is about as smart as asking some Cajun if he has any openings for alligator bait.

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