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three of 3...

10. While on the trigger, there are two sear faces to look at... see image below for reference... These two faces were cleaned up and resulted in near mirror finishes... a vast improvement on the factory finish.

11. After removing all the pins, now the "L" shaped sear will be free. Here the layout and interaction of these two parts can be seen - therefore perhaps the critical faces where 'creep' is present, and could be eliminated, hence some time was spent on these sear surfaces...
see images below...

Interaction of sears:

Sears in Battery:

Sears about to release (firing pin) [ As trigger is pulled, pivot moves trigger foward, against L sear, which then drops, allowing firing pin in bolt to come foward...]


Sears release, firing pin released:

12. Hence, time spent on faces of 'L' sear. I also touched up the 'back' of this, where it engages the firing pin mech, intending a cleaner 'break' as it moves down, to release the firing pin... Motion of stoning was always in same way as faces moving on each other... (not a great pic of LHS sears..)

Pin and screw in pic shows points of contact..

first image is of L sear, before work.. this surely is where alot of the creep is felt... just check the machine marks on the sears...!

For reference, as per the L sear faces, also the trigger sears cleaned up, noting that there is a small angle on the top of the trigger sear... again, perhaps critical in minimising creep where these surfaces rub...

Well, thats about all I have to offer - certainly open to comments or questions if I can help... Just reverse the process of disassembly to reassemble... watch the small trigger spring is in place, and trialed on empty chamber to then adjust screws for trigger travel and/or pull weight.
In my case, an improvement was immediate and safety still working OK...

its just a guide to the internals of the Howa manufactured trigger...


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