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I used to work for a commercial reloader, so I would load several thousand 38 Special or 9mms before lunch. If you mean me personally, the most I have ever reloaded at one time is about 500 or 600 when I started varminting in earnest. And yes, that was on a single-stage press. A friend and I would shoot one weekend, then spend the whole next weekend loading so we could go shooting the next weekend, then reload the following weekend, so we could go shooting . . . well, you get the idea. We set up an assembly line of sorts and cranked through 'em. I lubed, he sized until we got them all done, then I would brush primer pockets while he ran them into the trim die and hit them with a file, then I would chamfer case mouths while he primed on the press, then I would throw and weigh charges while he seated bullets and put the reloads into ammo boxes. All sounds pretty simple reading about it, but try that with 500 or 600 22-250 cases on a single stage press sometime.
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