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There are a few decent K(firearms) classes in the metro Orlando area. S2 Institute, of Largo Florida is one of the better programs for entry level gun owners. Many of the cadre & instructors are ex-military or retired sworn LE. They are quoted by local media often or used as background sources for topics such as counter-terrorism & personal defense.

Not all trainers & programs in Florida are top rated. Research any K instructor or cadre first. They should be licensed by the Florida Div of Licensing & have good records(no - actions or complaints). These points can be checked online in Florida.
A few armed security(G) schools & instructors were busted in 2013 for using fake records and false weapon qualifications. Approx 300 G officers had fake training records.
W/concealed licenses are valid for seven/07 calendar years. Your home address is not listed on the plastic ID card & the general public can not access your personal records from the Div of Licensing database(name, address, etc).
The Florida W license is also valid in approx 36 states but Id keep an eye on for updates & changes(which occur often ).
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