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I got a couple For one, while in FL, you'll probably be wearing shorts when it warms up. The handguns you picked will have to be on a good holster and a good gun belt to be as comfortable as possible. And do you really want to be walking around with a couple lbs (-ish) on your person in the heat and humidity. I originally carried a SigSauer P250 Compact in 40S&W for my first year in FL. Then I picked up a KelTec P3AT .380acp so I can go out in shorts and a shirt and have my KelTec in my front pocket and be comfortable. Second, someone above stated to get formal training. I could not agree any more. Training is invaluable. Spend some money ($50-100 roughly) and take a Basic Firearms Course/CCW. I grew up shooting (almost 25 years now) and took a course a couple years ago. The instructor taught me things that I didn't even realize.
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