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Uberti Revolving Carbine Question

I recently purchased a pair of Uberti Cattleman's Carbine, the Remington C&B variety, for my Fiance and I. We decided to convert them to cartridge loading, with Kirst gated conversions. I decided to go one step further though and purchased several, UBM Rail sections from NC Star. with a short vertical grip, red dot sight, and flashlight/laser combo mounted on it it looks quite cool and tasticlised (Probably butchered that one), but I'm worried about taking it to the range for one big reason; Gas Cutting. I've read about the dangers of it, how you have to hold revolvers the right way, and even had it mentioned by Mike Bellevue on his youtube channel specifically for this carbine. What my question is, is since my arm and hand are well away from the front of the cylinder, and the forcing cone, as the vertical grip has my arm at an obtuse angle, should I be fine so as long as I have sleeves on or should I think about investing in a pair of bracers? (I have a friend in the SCA who could get me a good pair, maybe even with reinforcement if necessary.) Any help would be appreciated.
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