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Rich Lucibella
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In the interests of truth in product reviews:
- I'm not a fan of the ML430.
- It's butt ugly.
- It has few power options
- It was designed to compete with the Explorer, Pathfinder, Land Cruiser etc....not the Suburban Class vehicle.
- It's too low to the ground.
- The 4.3 Liter, Eight provides this vehicle with better torque and HP/Weight of any vehicle in it's class. Plenty of power. Great mid range and high end torque. 5,000 lb towing package....unusual for a normal sized SUV.
- I have yet to get stuck in it, but did pull a Bronco out that was following me.
- The other makers (including Navigator) each rushed to produce more powerful engines as a result of the 430.

Now I do understand Kevin's idea of luxury transport. In fact, I've commisioned him to purchase a 12 year old, beat up, 3/4 ton Chevy Pickup just like his for my own use. I'm looking forward to driving it in the AZ outback. As for taking it 2400 miles from FL to AZ? I'd rather go Greyhound.

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