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What rifle?

If someone is looking to put a heavy stock on a tactical or varmint rig they are a good choice. They use the same construction as the more expensive HS Precision stocks and are every bit as good for at least $100 less.

The problem is that construction. The better made stocks use epoxy to laminate layers of fiberglass or Kevlar cloth from the grip up to the barrel channel. After the stock is made the action area is milled to fit. This results if a very strong, lightweight and trim stock.

B&C and HS use an aluminum chassis in the action area. A mixture of molten plastic and chopped fiberglass is poured into a mold around the aluminum. Having the metal block in there results in a quite heavy stock that has to be thick and chunky to work around it.

I would not use one on a hunting rifle. They are too heavy and have that thick chunky feel to them. While the cheaper stocks get a bad rap on the internet I've found most of them to shoot just as well and would rather have most of those in favor of the B&C stocks. Filling in the hollow buttstock with packing peanuts gets rid of the hollow sound.
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