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i took the "new" scope back to walmart and exchanged for another one. When i took it off the gun i had noticed that it had a couple of little dents on the bottom of the tube. The scope fits in the rings fine but is it possiable that i have 1" rings and i need 30mm rings instead. The scope i exchanged for i installed and tightned up but i didnt go all out on it and crush it together. Dad shot it last night and was aiming at 12 targets 3 high and 4 wide. He set the cross hairs on the top left target and hit the bottom right target in the top left corner. He only shot 6 shots. 3 first and then adjusted a little but he said he couldnt see any change. With dst over its hard to get home from work before dark to sight in a rifle and i hate to do it on the opening day of deer season. He thinks in this case if your 3ft low and 4ft left adjustig a couple clicks will make it true. and i have tried to explain how 4 clicks is an inch at 100 yards. He also said why couldnt you aim for one target and adjust to where it hits at? Could this work? i have never tried that before. And when i bore sight i use my laser bore sighter and put it below the bulls eye 2" at 10 yards. Like i said i have never had a problem with this method but im starting to wonder now if i dont have a bad gun or even possiably a bad scope ring. Maybe its time to invest in a scope mounting tool to make sure everything lines up like it should. Does my rear scope ring need to be higher then the front like on my ruger? These are just questions i can think of after ruling out a bad scope. I just find it hard to believe that i have gotten 2 bad scopes.
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