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Clydefrog, the ffl123 site is not really worth the money as others have said. There are other similar companies offering the same as well. They are basically selling you the forms and advice that you can get for free from the ATF. The only thing that you get from these companies that you dont get from the ATF is most include a bound book for your record keeping, but then again, these are generally only a few bucks, and you can even print your own.

The process and running the business isnt hard at all really. You do need to be mindful that you watch out and do not violate any laws, and that the paperwork is done properly.

taurus4life, as to your question,

lets say you could find a cheap office to rent, so you can comply with zoning issues. can the firearms be stored anywhere other than that address(say you wanted to take them home just incase your business get broken into or your going to be going to a gun show."
Yes the firearms may be stored at another location per the ATF. The link and a quote is below.


Q: May one license cover several locations?
No. A separate license must be obtained for each location. However, storage facilities are not required to be covered by a separate license, although the records maintained on licensed premises must reflect all firearms held in the separate storage facility. Firearms may be shipped directly to separate storage facilities as long as they are properly recorded as an acquisition in the licensee’s records.
[27 CFR 478.50]

Edited to add: taurus4life, since you mentioned that you were considering an office so you can comply with zoning issues, and mentioned the possibility of "storage of firearms for resale" at home, I will add that you should also double check with your local laws and zoning. Reason being is if they prohibit the retail business activity at your home, they may prohibit you receiving shipments at your home for your business, as well as storing goods for resale. If your zoning doesnt allow "retail sales," they may not allow "warehousing" there either. Also, the ATF requires you to be in compliance with local, state, and federal laws. I just wanted to mention this to help ensure you stay in compliance with the laws.

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