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Originally Posted by dogtown tom
You have to have a safe or something where you store the firearms when your not open also.

No such requirement in federal law or ATF regulations. There is not even a requirement to have a lock on your front door.
There is no requirement as far as a safe that I know. I can speak as to the requiments of the local field office though. They do require a notice stating, " It is unlawful to store or leave a firearm that can be discharged in a manner that a reasonable person should know is accessible to a minor." The local field office also requires the ATF poster on the Youth Handgun Safety Act to be posted as well. This seems to go un-noticed locally since all of the FFL's have the same posters up.

While dogtown tom and I may have different views, it goes without saying that each field office has its own views. Even the DOJ has noted this in 2004, with the difference in FFL inspections. Link:

I would say that anyone wishing to get their FFL to contact their respective field office to get their take on things. While we know the regulations and law may say one thing, the local interpretation may be something else.
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