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I'd recommend National Forest land -- I used to shoot there in NC when I lived there, and I shoot in the NF in Idaho where I live now. It's free, no distractions, and you get to shoot with pleasant surroundings ... can't beat it.

The one thing you need to look out for is that most states have laws that designate how far you have to be from roads/campsites/areas-with-fat-tourists-in-RVs to shoot legally -- check the laws for your NC, it's been too many years for me to be sure (I think I remember 100 yards from campsites/roads, and no firing across roads/campsites ... but don't hold me to it). Maybe call a ranger station to find out the laws for the forest you'll be shooting in.

Also be sure to check out the laws regarding *transporting* your firearms on National land ...

Hope that was helpful.
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